Welcome to 4 Paws Sake Retreat

We are committed to the finest in quality care, welfare, and happiness of your pets. We are dedicated to provide first class care and luxury accommodation for your pet. The retreat is bright, clean, spacious and well vented to provide your furry loved one with a luxurious getaway! Bring your pet to 4 Paws Sake Retreat where quality care equals peace of mind.

Clients will benefit from our new state of the art retreat, knowing they will be leaving their pets in capable and loving hands. The new retreat is designed around a number of principles that have your pet's welfare at the core: comfort, safety and health. With new suites that are second-to-none, your beloved pet will be treated like royalty. The new building includes radiant heated flooring, ventilation system with climate control to ensure temperatures remain constant, and fresh air is continually circulated. Hepa filter for fresh air recovery. Filtered water in stainless steel bowls for hygienic purposes. Extra windows will provide natural light. The building will be constructed with environmentally friendly products to ensure your pet's safety and good health. The new retreat building will include spacious suites and large outdoor runs for dogs.

To ensure your pet's safety, all employees are pet first aid certified and there will be a veterinarian on call. We also provide 24 hour on site care. The retreat is monitored for security and fire. There will be an emergency generator on site. The animals will never be left unattended. For sanitation purposes, the retreat will be cleaned daily using only veterinary grade disinfectants.

Mission Statement

  • We know that your pet is an extension of your family; this is why we provide peace of mind to pet parents while your furry friend is in our care.
  • Trust in our judgment, confidence in our ability, and superior customer service is the source of value upon which we will strive.
  • We will provide compassionate care for all pets that place their paws inside our doors.

Retreat Policies

  • We encourage you to bring with your pet their preferential bedding and favourite toys that are easily washable.
  • Our insurance requires that your pet arrive and depart from the retreat with properly fitted collar and leash, or in a secure carrier. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Proof of vaccination and flea control. (See Retreat Requirements)
  • Please inform our staff if your pet requires any medication. We will administer FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Medications must be labeled with your pet's name, medication name, and dosage amount. It is recommended that your pet's medication be kept in the same package your veterinarian provided.
  • PLEASE inform us of any medical conditions that your pet may have!

Cattery (Feline Suites)

  • Private suites are complete with climbing trees, scratching post, and window perches.
  • Spacious suites will be surrounded by windows for natural light where your cat can sit and be entertained by nature.
  • Our cattery has been designed with your feline friend in mind, to enjoy a playful and restful holiday stay.
  • To minimize stress, our feline suites are located in a separate section of the retreat apart from our canine guests.
  • Kitty litter trays, clumping litter and bedding will be provided.
  • Kitty litter trays will be disinfected and changed daily.

Canine Suites (Indoor)

  • Spacious suites consist of private inside quarters.
  • Numerous windows for natural light.
  • Over-sized doggy door to the outside area.
  • Raised Kuranda orthopedic and chew proof beds to keep them off floor.
  • Radiant heated floors.

Canine Suites (Connecting Outside Area)

  • Outside runs are partially covered to protect your pet from the outside elements.
  • Ramp for exiting or entering, this is especially helpful for our arthritic dogs.
  • First half of the run is private solid wall; this enhances your dog's sense of security.
  • Last half of the run is secured with a high fence which allows your dog to see their neighbour if they wish, in the chance they ever feel lonely. This is conducive to positive socialization and helps reduce stress.
  • Outside runs are designed with a secure high fence, and also have pea gravel and grassy area's and also have direct access to the secure outdoor exercise play areas.

Why Dogs Love Car Rides

Why Dogs Adore Auto a dog enjoy an automobile ride is a genuine delight. His brain is up, the wind is blowing through his fur, and there is a unique look of real happiness on his face. Since you realize that experience of ecstasy that is unadulterated, you can't help but smile.

However, what can it be about automobile rides that floods puppies with this much delight? Because our pets can't inform us in all honesty we'll likely never know for sure. But we've discovered five credible causes for this doggie behaviour that is curious, and sniffed out the mystery a little bit.

Dogs love a good adventure

However, what would it be it be about automobile trips that surges puppies with that much joy that is much? Never know for certain, because our pets can't educate us in all integrity we'll likely. But we've uncovered five legitimate causes for this doggy behavior that's interested, and sniffed the puzzle slightly away.

There's a symphony of smells in the air

Dogs go insane over scents whether , really poor that is good, or in between and for good reason. In accordance with Nova, scientists have determined from 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than ours. is anywhere that canines have about 3,000,000 olfactory receptors 30,000, as well as their sense of smell What exactly does this mean, exactly with regards to the distinction in our abilities? Well, as puppy knowledge researcher Alexandra Horowitz explains in her book Inside of a Puppy, while we may be able to sniff out a teaspoon of sugar in our coffee, our pooches may detect a teaspoon of glucose in a million gallons of water.

So, when you crack open the car window, you're breaking open a whole, hidden that is interesting world that promises limitless olfactory discoveries on your pooch. Imagine how thrilling it's for him to experience a large number of fresh scents every moment if he's happy sniffing away the routine and familiar odors in your back yard!

There's something new to see everywhere

In case your puppy has ever eliminated manic at the picture of a squirrel or sounded off the 2nd he spotted the mail truck, you have some idea of how easily she's stimulated by visual cues. On a car ride there are endless every instant to be seen by items that are new, from birds, to other doggie passengers, to pedestrians. Dogs hold the luxury of consuming all of the places during the entire trip and looking out the window unlike the automobile being driven by the human.

Dogs are always happy to be close to you and their "pack"

In case your dog sounded the 2nd he seen the mail truck off or has actually eliminated manic at the sight of a squirrel, you've some concept of how easily she's aroused by visual cues. On an automobile trip there are never-ending every second to be seen by fresh items, to other doggie travellers, to pedestrians, from fowl. Puppies have the luxury of consuming all of the places during the entire trip and looking out the window unlike the individual driving the vehicle.

Car rides triggers a dog's hunting instincts

Behan of Natural Dogtraining believes that puppies love car trips because they generate some of the same sensations that are euphoric as hunting. He theorizes that the car's motion causes synchronized movements among the pack members they sway and go together along with turns, twists and bumps of the trail. These synchronized motions trigger a sensation in canines as they hunt, of moving in sync with their pack, comparable that. Also, for your pet, who doesn' know much about the science of motion, every item outside the car appears to be moving fast, which could actuate her impulse to give chase.

During auto travel, security is priority number 1 obviously. Your dog's mind and feet should stay within the vehicle all the time, and he needs to be arrested or restrained as you generate in a way that won't trigger a diversion for you personally. This really doesn't suggest your favorite four-legged friend may love car trips with you any less he sniff the wind can still see the places and feel the excitement of a fresh experience. It only means you'll enjoy the trip even more knowing he is equally deliriously joyful and secure.

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