IMG 4706 400Unexpected Guests

So what do you do when unexpected guests arrive at the 4 Paws Sake Retreat? Build around them of course! Construction in spring-time brings it's challenges with nesting birds. A killdeer decided that laying her eggs right in the middle of a construction zone was a good thing to do. Fortunately, Deborah spotted it and let the crew know. The whole crew has been very careful not to disturb the nest where 3 eggs have been laid. So much so that Steve, our contractor, went and stood by the nest when the dump truck arrived on the property the other day so that the eggs would be protected.

The construction crew dug for a concrete pad yesterday near the nest and momma killdeer did not move. When she was away from the nest, Deborah added extra protection and got a photo of the eggs. Momma killdeer came walking up to the nest and instead of squawking at Deborah, she let her take the photos. She must know all the efforts that Deborah and the crew are going to in order to keep her eggs safe!

Pet Friendly Housing

Pet Friendly HousingMany dogs and cats end up in shelters because their owners were unable to secure a pet-friendly rental property.

Every year worldwide, millions of pets find themselves living in shelters and rescues around the world. For many pets, the reason they have been separated from their families is a lack of pet-friendly housing.

It is not easy to find an affordable rental that allows owners to bring their beloved pets, and for many families, it doesn't turn out so well.

This is a huge problem for many pet owners, the first problem is that many pet-friendly rentals only accept cats and if they accept dogs, there are restrictions. The most common dog restrictions are that your dog must weigh 20 pounds or less or be less than 15 inches tall. So what about the large breeds?

Dog Park off-leash etiquette for you and your dog

Dog Park EtiquetteFor anyone with a small backyard, an off-leash park is the perfect solution to exercising a dog who loves to run and romp. Every privilege comes with a price tag however, and off-leash parks are no exception. In fact, park etiquette is quite an issue in the dog community. There are unwritten rules and taboos in each park, and for the sake of all users, it's your responsibility to find out what they are and adhere to them.

Here are a few tips and suggestions to keep in mind:

Helping your Deaf Cat Lead a Full Life

Helping your deaf cat lead a full lifeDeafness can touch anyone we love, humans or our beloved pets. Today we will give you tips on how to help your deaf cat lead a full life.

Sometimes its present from birth, other times it comes along with old age. Regardless of how deafness has entered your cat's life it's important to remember that it does not mean that she is doomed to a low-quality existence, quite the opposite, in fact. With your love and knowledge, coupled with her ability to adapt, a happy, healthy long life is possible for your kitty.

The biggest misconception is that they are not normal. They make great pets but now they have some special needs, but all individual pets need different things. They are just exceptionally unique.

Dogs and Pickup Trucks

No Dogs in TrucksYou may see it quite often as your driving around town, dogs riding in back of pickup trucks. You may even know someone who does it.

It's estimated 100,000 dog's die each year riding in the back of pickup trucks. Pets riding in vehicles without safety precautions can be dangerous. Dog's riding in the back of pickup trucks can be DEADLY.

When you transport your dog in an open pickup truck you endanger your dog and other motorists. If your truck hits a bump, you brake suddenly, your dog can easily be thrown from the truck onto the road. Chances are this will injure them or kill your dog, but if that doesn't being hit by another vehicle probably will. Other drivers can also cause a vehicle accident by swerving to avoid hitting your dog.

Aging Gracefully

senior dogsIs your dog's hearing not as sharp as it used to be? Maybe he's eating less, struggling with the stairs, or having a few accidents in the house. If your dog is older than seven, he may simply be showing signs of aging.

The average canine lifespan is 13 years, but this varies depending on the dogs size – with many small breeds living well into their teens. Medium to large dogs generally start showing signs of aging between the ages of 7 and 11, while small dogs may not show any visible signs until they are 10.

As your dog gets older, be on the alert for symptoms that could indicate a health problem. At the same time, look for ways to maintain his quality of life and help him adapt by keeping him safe and as comfortable as possible.

Fostering Pets

friendshipI have been fostering and rescuing pets for the past 15 years and during that time I got an in-depth inside look at what it takes to rescue an animal. With June being National Pet Adoption Month, I would like to take this opportunity to bring much needed awareness to the importance of our foster parents and our rescue volunteers, and that our work has only just begun.

As shelters and rescues fill up, the importance of becoming a foster home for an abandoned or abused animal cannot be overstated. Thousands of animals face homelessness worldwide at any given time - many wander the streets and travel rural roads, searching for food and struggling to survive. Because of our wonderful foster families, we can give some of those animals the opportunity they need to find their forever home. Foster homes offer these animals the SAFETY and SECURITY that they certainty deserve.