4 Paws Sake Retreat Pet Memorial Garden

At 4 Paws Sake Retreat, we are just like you – our families include our animal companions. They are our special friends who have loyally waited for us to return home from work, tails wagging at the sounds of our car, who have curled up in a ball on our chests to take a nap with us on a weekend afternoon, who have chirped excitedly waiting to jump on our finger and have their feathers stroked... they have a special place in our hearts too. That is why we have plans to create a place to memorialize our special family members.

Our plans include a peaceful area with unique features such as a pond with waterfall, walking path, and benches. This is the perfect place to memorialize your pet with stone pavers or plaques, and our Pet Tribute section on our website where you can leave a tribute in memory of your cherished friend.

Pet Tributes

Bailey, Zoe and LucyWords From Heaven

Mommy and Daddy its okay to miss us
For we will miss you too
We will live forever in your heart and in your soul
When you think of us be happy
For all the time we had
If you must cry, cry tears of joy
Don't cry because your sad
So think of us real often of the great times that we had
Don't let your memories of us cause sorrow, please be glad
For you this is our wish
Find another lonely pet, please offer them our dish
Every time they make you smile

Our hearts are smiling too
Although we may not be together in the way we used to be
We are still connected by a cord no-one else can see
Our golden hearts stopped beating, our playful paws were put to rest
So close your eyes, reminisce and smile
God proved to you he only takes the best