Words cannot describe how Deborah Dixon and her truly kind spirit and compassionate nature have touched my life.

Let me start at the beginning. In the summer of 2013, my beagle female of 6 years, Beatrice, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer after a biopsy of a growth on her neck came back positive. Unable to pay for the surgery and treatments, or to find a place to live that would allow me to keep her, I was devastated. I'll never forget when a family member advised me to 'put her down' to be “compassionate”, but I wanted better for Beatrice. Instead, I contacted the organization Beagle Paws, an animal rescue founded in St. Johns, Newfoundland. I figured it was a long shot since Beatrice was critically ill, and I really did not expect what happened next.

Deb is the most awesome dog sitter on the planet. She is over the top reliable and dependable. She is flexible and accommodates my schedule to suit my needs without fail. My dogs love her and we have not seen any signs of separation anxiety under Deb's care. I highly value and recommend her services.   

Patty L.

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial on behalf of 4 Paws Sake Retreat and I can't recommend them highly enough. We have been relying on Deb for the past five or six years to provide our pets; a dog and two cats, with loving care when we are away. Whether it's three visits a day for an extended period, or a short-notice drop in, we can depend on her to be there. Deb does all the basics... food, ins and outs, meds, but it's the extras that count and Deb has gone above and beyond by spending afternoons and evenings giving company and cuddles (not to mention some flower watering and tea with my elderly mom). Our pets love her and I don't know what we'd do without her!

Thanks, from The Smiths (and Rosie, Merry & Quinny)
Ashburn, ON

We first met Deborah when we were desperately looking for a new home for our beloved dog Ollie. We adopted Ollie as a 2 month old puppy and very soon we realized he suffers from severe separation anxiety. We started to take him to puppy school, we hired trainer from a very well known organization, we consulted with his vet and he recommended some drugs(which we never used). We watched many dog training programs such as Ceaser Millan as well as reading lots of books and articles but nothing seemed to help. Finally, we contacted Beagle Paws to ask for help and they recommended we speak to Deborah Dixon, who comes highly recommended. From the moment we spoke, it was obvious that she was a professional. Her knowledge about dogs and her love and affection towards them was so obvious. Her help and advice during the adoption process was remarkable and everything was tailored around the needs of the dog first and foremost. She knew exactly how to make that transition as painless as possible and for that we are forever in her debt.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Deborah for many years, through the lives of various family pets. Her passion, love for the animals and caring demeanor are evident each day. She provides outstanding service and goes above and beyond for her clients and their animals. To see Deborah with the animals is a joy - her eyes light up, the animals respond so well and as a pet owner it makes me feel like my pet is in the right place. I look forward to bringing Rockie to the brand new state of the art 4Paws Pet Retreat! Can't wait for the opening!
We are lucky to have such a caring person and her team ready to look after our pets!


When I thought of putting into words a testimonial about Deborah Dixon, I wondered if words could paint a true picture of the dedication this woman has towards the welfare of animals. I have known Deb for more than ten years - we got to know each other when she was working at the veterinary hospital where I started taking my pets. It didn't take long for me to see how dedicated she was to the animals she cared for. Her knowledge, caring, and overwhelming love of animals just comes naturally to her, it was just something she was born with. Deb also rescues Beagles and has for many years and takes even the ones that are very ill with life threatening issues knowing the heartache that will be on a rocky road ahead. She also has a company called "FOR PETS SAKE" which she has had for many years. Deb will take care of pets in their own environment. For many years now, my pets have been cared for in my home by Deb. I have gone away on holiday knowing that my pets are cared for by someone who has the skills, the love and the dedication that Deborah Dixon has for all animals. Deb is one of the most responsible people I have ever known and I never worry when my pets are in her care. I have so much respect for her and I know that once you have left a pet in her care that you will never worry again about going away on a trip.


We have known Deb for many years and were delighted to find she had moved to the Lindsay area (as we did 2 yrs ago). Deb helped look after our dogs and cats when she was a vet tech in Brooklin. We always felt comfortable leaving our pets in her care. She is not only compassionate and caring but knowledgeable and extremely competent. And she is a great people person. What a package Deb!

Fenelon Falls